We are proud to announce that we have nearly 500 Early Access members and just two weeks left until we pick a winner of the Heartwood gemstone dice giveaway! If you have not registered for the giveaway, now is your chance: https://heartwoodgaming.com/early-access

We have been hard at work developing the online subscription based platform known as Heartwood. Our core focus is improving every step of character creation, inventory management, world lore and more.

Our goal is to make online tabletop RPGs more accessible. We want an easier way to get started, learn the game, and have fun without spending hours configuring complicated online tools. Heartwood will have everything you need to play an epic roleplaying game online with your friends. A full ruleset compendium, drop in monster encounters, 3D on-screen dice, world lore, and so much more. To really simplify things, access to the entire world of Heartwood, the core rules, monsters, magical items and more will be included in a single monthly subscription. Your party does not need anything else to get started. No previous knowledge of other tabletop systems is required. All of the information you will need will be right at your fingertips the entire time.

As of right now we have 3 completely new origins: the Xoroshi born from the jungle and native to Heartwood, the Drakkan which are a draconic origin hailing from the distant Saurian Isles, and the prideful Feladorian, a humanoid feline origin originating from a prosperous city deep within the eastern jungles of Heartwood. In addition to these brand new origins we are introducing 4 new suborigins: the Mirekin Elves, Vulcari Dwarves, Undoran Gnomes, and Proudstone Halflings.

Three new Heartwood origins added
Three new Heartwood origins added

There will be an ever growing number of new magical items available for players to discover and wield, as well as long lost ancient artifacts of immense power hidden in the most dangerous areas of Heartwood. Along with new items, we are excited to unveil a new school of magic called mycomancy, which takes advantage of the unique and powerful properties of the native mushrooms and other plant life within Heartwood.

We hope you enjoy this small peek into some of the new Heartwood origins. Please stay tuned for more regular updates as we kick off our public devlog series where we share regular updates on the software and world of Heartwood.

Oh, we almost forgot! We are giving away 3 more sets of dice. Stay tuned to learn how.