Hello again from the Heartwood team!

We have been heads down this past week as we continue to develop the mastery system and how it will simplify your experience as a player while giving you more flexibility than ever before. We are continuing to add lore, locations, and important information relating to the game of Heartwood, and we are very excited to release details as we go. Without further ado, here is what we’ve been up to!

Additional Origins

We have added two brand new origins as well as an additional sub-type of elf:


“The drok are large and imposing, well known for both their fearsome appearance and attitude. Their skin tone ranges from deep greens to fearsome reds, and their hair unfurls outward like tendrils of fire. Their eyes appear like glowing gems, and tusk-like teeth protrude from their mouths along with smaller teeth like tiny daggers. Drok are typically only spotted in the northern lands of Golgora, though their raiding parties sometimes make their way farther south into Heartwood. It is rumored that the Drok were once a proud tribe of orcs who sought strength from the wrong source, warping them into what they are now. They are a rare sight in settlements and cities, though the few that do co-exist among others make for some of the most reliable allies. Those that know them well, sometimes say that when caught alone they exude a quiet, calm wisdom that is drastically different from their general fiery disposition.”


“The Iskiata are not born, but made. Children and young adults are chosen from among other origins by an Iskiata elder, and undergo the ceremony of masks. During this ceremony the chosen don an Iskiatan mask that can never again be removed, either by physical or magical means. The skin of the new Iskiata takes on a nearly translucent tone, with motes of visible blue magic swirling beneath. The power of the masks makes it impossible to identify the original race of the Iskiata, although they may have memories themselves if they choose to share them with others. The Iskiata no longer eat, rather they absorb the magical life-sustaining essence of food and water, leaving behind a husk of food that provides no sustenance and water that does not quench thirst. The Iskiata are generally peaceful, but their mysterious nature arouses suspicion in others around them. Possessing an inherent mastery of the arcane, the Iskiata easily wield magic that would be difficult for others.”

Dark Elves

“Long ago high elves descended into the depths of the earth in search of a legendary artifact capable of altering the very fabric of reality itself. This artifact was found in the sunken city of Selirdor; however, as the ritual commenced these elves discovered the price was one they could not pay, but it was too late. The ritual backfired, the artifact cracked, and their souls twisted into a malevolence that could never be fixed. Their skin turned to shades of indigo and ashen gray, their hair drained of all color, and their eyes became piercing hues of crimson and amethyst. The newly born dark elves emerged from the city with their damaged artifact and made their journey not back to the surface, but farther into the dark depths below Heartwood. Since their creation, dark elves are an uncommon sight in the land and are met with fear and sometimes outright aggression due to their reputation.”

In-Game Stories and Library of Lore

We are continuing to develop the world and its inhabitants, and more ideas than ever before for new origins, classes, and game mechanics. A major component of learning about this world will be experienced through acquirable in-game books written by the inhabitants of Heartwood themselves. We will also be providing an easily accessible and searchable library of these stories and tomes that you will be able to read through at your leisure out of game as well. 

Continued Platform Development

On the technical side, we have made 26 commits, added 2218 lines of code, and drank way too many pots of coffee since our last development log update. We are still hard at work developing the compendium content for Heartwood. The most exciting development is our continued work on how we are going to display available items for players to explore and reference. Every weapon, ammunition type, armor, and general item has an image icon which makes visually browsing the compendium a breeze. The user interface is more akin to RPG video games than traditional TTRPG reference books. We are hesitant to share screenshots just yet, but we promise they are coming soon!