Hello again from the Heartwood team, and happy October! We've been hard at work this the past week wrapping up our first giveaway which just ended today, so this entry may be a bit short. We have more giveaways planned, but for now it's back to work developing Heartwood. Right now, our focus is on character creation, here are two of the major highlights:

Character Backgrounds
We are adding many generic backgrounds available to pick from to aid in honing your character's backstory, as well as provide some unique items and character features depending on what you pick. Like other table-top roleplaying games, your character's background will grant additional proficiencies, languages, and equipment. If you've come from other TTRPG systems, you might be used to your character's class determining your starting gold; however, in Heartwood your background will determine this.

Mastery System
Heartwood will feature a unique new mastery system which will be a replacement for both feats and multi-classing. Upon leveling up, and if that level grants a mastery selection, you may choose from a wide variety of masteries which may improve on existing skills and abilities, alter them, or introduce new abilities entirely. This system is still in the ideation phase of development, but we will be posting more on this as its development continues.

On the technical side of things, we are continuing our work of defining Heartwood's data models and getting needed game data into our database.  Keystone 5 is working out fantastically for us, and has enabled us to work much more quickly than we could before.